Penis Extenders Process

Here is the explanation of how the Penile Traction Device works to extend the size.

When your Size Doctor® Penis Extender is worn, it stretches the length of the penis. This process does not happen overnight. It is a tension that stretches the penis when worn over an extended time period.

You will wear your new Penile Traction Device for a period of time each day. Progress will depend on the length of time it is worn. The term "penile traction" is a descriptive term of the science that allows the Size Doctor® Extender Device to do its job.
Although it may sound like a pain-inducing process, it is not because it occurs on a microscopic level. It is a tearing and healing process called Mitosis and Cytokinesis.

Let us examine how this cellular function facilitates penis extension in length and girth. As your penis is put into traction, it is impacted by a calibrated tension system, which is caused by the Size Doctor® Extender. Tears form on the shaft of the penis. Keep in mind these are not visible to the human eye. The other fact to keep in mind is the process causes you no pain whatsoever.

Your body will react to the traction causing the microscopic tears by healing them. In the course of the healing process, the scientific cellular procedure performed by the body is the dividing of cells. This is a scientific process the body repeats called cellular division. As the tissue cells of the penis divide repeatedly, the microscopic gaps are filled in and so lengthen the penis.

The entire healing process, performed by your own body, is Mitosis and Cytokinesis. The cellular growth is not coming from an outside, artificial source. It is coming from your own body's ability to heal itself.

Consider what happens when you are wounded, as in a scraped knee. The body repairs itself by healing over and forming a scab to protect the wound. Eventually the scab is no longer needed and disappears. The tiny spaces in your penile tissue are filled in and those spaces disappear when no longer needed. This is the growth you will experience in penis length and girth. Over time, you will see the results. This resulting increase in size will happen due to the natural scientific principle of Mitosis and Cytokinesis. It is no mysterious process, it is science at work.

Penis Pump Process

The theory behind Penis Pumping is to increase the blood holding capacity of the penis by using a vacuum device (Penis Pump) to decrease the atmospheric pressure around it. When air is extracted, a void is created in the cylinder that causes the penis to enlarge in an attempt to fill the void. This enlargement is the expansion of: skin, blood vessels, the corpus cavernosa (CC), corpus spongiosum (CS), the tunica, and the pulling in of lymphatic liquids. The vacuum also creates pressure on the ligaments, which helps with permanent penis enlargement aspects.

The expansion of the penile tissues is mostly in accordance with the amount of vacuum generated. The forces generated are created by the differences in atmospheric pressure. Normal atmospheric pressure outside the cylinder and near the point of contact (your pubic bone area) will force blood to rush in to satisfy the differences between that pressure and the one inside the cylinder.

In fact, the penis can expand well beyond the normal erect dimensions thereby creating the proper conditions to stimulate growth. Eventually, with repeated sessions, these cellular tissues under the forces of expansion will gradually adapt to more stress as your workouts continue to progress and this should result in permanent gains over time.

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