Before we continue, may we present a list of commonly asked questions? We would like to explain some features and facts that most men have been found to ask:

How rapidly will the penis grow and allow me to see results?

Results are often felt after only a week of use. You will notice stiffer erections that are easier to achieve. Look for visible change in two to three weeks of use. Individual results may vary.

After I grow larger, will it be permanent if I stop using the device?

It is a permanent change. It will remain at a larger size.

Do I wear the Size Doctor® Extender 24 hours a day?

You will receive an instructional booklet which offers a program to follow. Your enlargement depends on the total number of hours you wear it. Take a week off if you want to for some reason. This program is flexible.

I know it is scientific but how does it work to grow the penis?

It applies a form of tension known as penile traction. This exposes the penis to traction, slowly causing the cells to divide and multiply. It is this process that increases the size of the tissue of which the penis is composed. It enlarges by virtue of cellular division. For more information please read "The Process" link.

I think I might want to extend my penis to be longer than the standard size of the device?

Due to the Size Doctor® Extender being adjustable that is possible. There are extension rods to make the device longer. See the instruction manual for complete details on how to extend it to suit your needs.

It seems plausible that I will grow longer. I don't feel confident about girth though. Can you explain girth?

The Size Doctor® Extender will automatically achieve both length and girth enlargement. It is like a muscle. When it is worked, it will increase in size and strength.

Will my erections be different after enlargement?

You will be larger after using the Size Doctor® Extender. When the device is worn more blood will flow into the chambers of the penis which normally fill with blood to facilitate an erection. This blood flow functions to promote the cell regeneration and it increases the strength of erections as a bonus side effect.

Will it break if I get an erection while wearing it?

Definitely not because the Size Doctor® Extender adjusts itself. It may slide off but, you will easily apply it a second time.

Will it show when I wear it?

The short answer is no. It is small, light and the most convenient penis enlargement device that is made. Wear it under your trousers. No one can tell you are using the Size Doctor® Extender.

What is the difference between the Size Doctor® Basic Unit and Size Doctor® Hybrid Support Unit?

The Size Doctor® Basic Unit uses a silicone tube as support. The Size Doctor® Hybrid Support Unit provides a comfort strap and a silicone tube as well. It has a unique design that ensures comfort and allows you to wear the device for prolonged periods of time. The Size Doctor™ Hybrid Support Unit offers a man the choice of two methods. He can select the one most comfortable for his use. This unit combines both versions of the penis extender into one system.

Do you protect my ordering information online?

We use the most recent security technology to protect our customers. Consider your information 100 percent secure because it is encrypted. Your credit card offers security as well. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Will it say Penis Enlargement Device on my credit card statement?

Absolutely not. For PayPal payments, the bill will say "PayPal".

Do I need a paypal account to make a payment?

No, you do not need a paypal account. Even with the paypal system you can pay with credit cards without an account.

Do you ship discreetly, will the mailman see what I ordered?

We maintain your privacy with discreet packaging and discreet billing services. There is no indication on the outside of the box to indicate what is inside.

How fast are the processing time and the shipping delivery?

We process the orders in a daily basis. Your order might be shipped on the next business day or even on the same day of receiving cleared payment. We are a company based in Florida. This allows us to mail the product to you quickly. Some companies in Europe take a month to deliver to U.S. and the cost is greater than ours. We usually use USPS as a carrier and their estimated delivery is within 2-6 days for domestic orders. We can offer two day delivery and overnight delivery in some cases. For more information please read our Shipping Policy.

Do you ship internationally, U.S. territories, APO/FPO addresses and PO Boxes?

Yes, we do ship internationally, U.S. territories, APO/FPO addresses and PO Boxes.

What if I am the one guy who hates it? Can I return it?

Yes. There is a 60 days money back guarantee. If you don't see any results during this period of time please email our support team. For more information please read our Returns policy.

Do they ever break?

Your Size Doctor® Extender is protected against breakage for 1 year. All parts are guaranteed. In the rare event that you break it, customer service will help you arrange for a replacement. This must be done within the first year. For warranty please refer to our Returns policy.
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